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Vaccine Injury of Vanessa Hannaford

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Amazing! I was up at 4am every morning went on a 6to 10 mile run every single day. I came home did resistance training, HITT and yoga, worked as a software developer from home, was rebuilding a 5000 square foot home by myself no contractors, riding my motorycle through country roads, going to the beach almost every weekend. Hiking camping, travelling for work. I was 43 unmarried and no children and felt so free and independant.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Never had covid and was working from home did not really need the vaccine, my boss was pushing for it just in case we had to travel to client sites. I also just lost my mom to cancer a year before and remembered when she was neutropenic and thought about immune compromised people the vulnerable and thought I should get vaccinated to do my part to try and protect others.
I decided to get the vaccine. I got very sick for 3 weeks, fever chills, nausea, extreme fatigue. I thought it was normal based on what the news was saying for some and figured it would pass. I never miss my jog in the morning, but I kept having to stop I felt too weak and would cut my run short and go home and lay in bed all day. I could barely focus on writing the code I was working on for work, I had a hard time concentrating. I figured it was the flu and kept hydrating eating healthy and tried to push through exercise thinking I would feel better soon.
I love woodworking and go out to my shop behind my house to work on something and realized I did not even have the strength to pick up my tools. I just kept knocking more and more 'I love to do this' off my list of my days until the second shot time came. This time the flu was way worse I was completely bed ridden took a few days off work which I have not done in years. I broke my foot 2 years before and had surgery and only took 3 hours off of work for the surgery. I was told no weight bearing on my foot for a minimum 6 months. I bought a indoor bicycle and took a pedal off and put my booted foot on a chair and was riding for 3+ hours a day and still lifting weights. The vaccine made me bed ridden completely it was awful. I just kept thinking if I take more time in my steam room, get rest eat well and mild stretching go easy I will feel better. It just kept getting worse. I then started having asthma symptoms wheezing could not seem to get air in my lungs. Then the chest pains started, crippling grabbing my chest horrible going up my jaw, I had never had chest problems. I refused to go to the doctor because I thought over my entire life, I have always been able to eat right and exercise my way to better health. Nothing was helping. The brain fog started getting so bad I could barely get through work. I started to become very recluse I stopped socializing. I withdrew from life. It was so unlike me. I had a big, huge house that I was taking care of by myself it hit me that I was becoming disabled and decided I could not handle caring for my beautiful home. I sold my home and moved into a condo. A house I practically tore down to the studs and rebuilt myself now I was selling it to move into a condo. I moved out of state to somewhere more urban so I could have things delivered easier to my health and services. I started feeling like I was turning into my poor mother when she was sick with cancer, but she was 76 I was only 43. I could no longer cut my acre of grass.
I barely got through moving luckily all the furniture in my house was made by me and the purchaser of my home wanted all my stuff. I had only my personal things and my parakeet to move. But it was hard. I was having so many issues by now I cannot even remember. I was getting odd pains in my abdomen, my legs, my spleen, my gallbladder my chest everywhere. Oh and the headaches, I never had anything more than a brief headache maybe a 100x in my entire life, these new headaches were colossal. I wanted to rip my head off it hurt so bad. Then the muscle spasms in my eyes started. Then my eyesight went I got glasses this was not a gradual needing eyeglass this was overnight a book I was reading suddenly I could no longer see the words on the page.
The shortness of breath got worse the chest pains were getting worse. But the worst part was the fatigue, I was going through the motions of living or making it look like I was alive. I never said anything to my employer, but I switched my job position to one with less demands. I said nothing to my family because I had no idea why I was suddenly falling apart into a disabled person overnight.
The new condo was easier for me to get through the day, and that is all I was doing. Minimal effort for work, no exercise just bed ridden. I worked from home thank goodness.
I finally went to a Dr for the fatigue and the shortness of breath. He ran bloodwork and sent me to a pulmonologist. I had a Pulmonary Function test where I was diagnosed with asthma. I had more blood work and my IGG levels were extremely low, so I was sent to an immunologist.
From there I did the vaccine challenge and more blood work. I failed the vaccine challenge and my IGG levels dropped even more.
My doctor decided to put me on IVIG and we talked about it being possible that the low IGG may be causing the fatigue. New problems started. I started getting rashes all over my body, my temperature became erratic from low grade fevers to low temps.
Then I started having gastrointestinal issues as well. I still did not want to mention to any doctors the chest pains or the headaches or organ pain.
For one I was worried about costs in testing and another side of me was scared something really bad was happening to me.
After about 3 months of Immunoglobulin infusions, I started feeling a little better energy for about 1 week after the infusion than I would fall off cliff until my next infusion. I was so happy just to have 1 week back. I decided I could live with that because it had been so awful for so long.
But the chest pains, headaches and random pain, rashes kept getting worse. I finally went back to my doctor with the fatigue issue. He suggested switching to SCIG so I would not have the highs and lows from the IG.
After 4 months on SCIG I wasn’t getting better I was getting much worse. The chest pains, the fevers now night sweats so I went to my primary care doctor he ran blood work, said everything was normal except my IGG levels and to continue with my immunologist. It was then that I finally had enough and broke down and cried and begged my doctor to do something I told him I felt like I was barely alive from who I was I also mentioned maybe its ‘long covid’ because I had heard of that but there was little information about the vaccine out at that time. I went through more and more tests and I was embarrassed because I felt like my doctor was looking at me like I was crazy asking for tests.
I had a chest xrays, more blood work and an ultrasound of my thyroid. Everything was normal.
After that I started doing research trying to find how to get back to who I was before 2021. I feel really silly but it took a dream about my late mother where she asked me how I’ve been and I said not good and she said in my dream, its that vaccine. I woke up at 2am covered in sweat from that dream. The dream was so real. I know this sounds crazy but that was the light bulb for me. I could not get back to sleep I never even thought it was the vaccine at all I ran to my computer and started doing the same symptom research but this time regarding the vaccine. I found so many people having the same stories.
But I don’t know what to do about it. I need help. But I have never been a person to ask for help before.
The person I used to be before this started seems like I dreamed it up. A person that did the things I did all by myself and felt so healthy seems like a different person. This all happened since the vaccine.
I still work full time in software, I am also a part time police officer.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Nattokinase, lots of rest, vitamin c

What would you like others to know?

We need to find a solution we need to share what works. We need to have eachothers back to find the path back to living again

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