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I received my first dose of the vaccine on May 30th, 2021 and the only symptoms I had after the injection was the normal fatigue and arm soreness.  About ten days later, I woke up one morning ...

Vaccine Injury of Michael John Haycox

4/12/21: 1st Moderna Shot 4/30/21: Camping trip, myocarditis symptons, heart was under pressure 5/10/21: 2nd Modena Shot 2/14/22: Moderna Booster 7/2/22: Paranoia set in, thought swat team was comi...

Vaccine Injury of W.U.

I got my first vaccine -Pfizer dose 1 on 7/20/21. I had been advised by some of my doctors to avoid it because of my high sensitivities to other meds and prior severe adverse reactions to things (f...

Vaccine Injury of D.A.H