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Tagged with: Brain Fog

Vaccine Injury of K.M.

5/24/21 I am a 28 year old female located in Pennsylvania. After trying for months to get vaccinated, I finally got through for an open appointment and received my first dose of Moderna on ...

Craig D'amico

Danielle Thompson

David Russell

Vaccine Injury of K.A.

5/24/21 I received my second Moderna vaccine on 1/28/21. I was left with a severe headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, and decreased cognition/brain fog. I was out of work for a month and...

Vaccine Injury of C.B. – Georgia

Entry Date: 6/3/21 I was previously healthy and loving life. I had a baby girl 4 months ago and honestly thought postpartum was a breeze. I was full of energy, even on no sleep. Everything changed...

Vaccine Injury of J. – Georgia

5/21/21 I was a healthy physically active 39yr old female physician and new mom to a 4 month old baby when I got my first Pfizer vaccine on 12/26/20. At 11 minutes after the shot I became f...

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Diane Zakos

Edward Fernald

Erin Mc

Fred Veater

Geoffrey Velazco

George Goloby

Georgiana Sweetman

Heather Szalay

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Isaac Puckett

Vaccine Injury of J.B. – California

5/20/21 I am a 59 year old female and I live in CA. I got my first dose of Moderna on 2/17/2021. Within 20 minutes my face was tingling and numb. My neck felt like I was in a car accident. ...

Vaccine Injury of E.R. – Connecticut

5/20/21 I’m a speech language pathologist in CT and have had a vaccine reaction for almost 5 months. I have no pre-existing conditions. I worked out several times a week and even ran 2 mile...