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James Franks

Jason Else

Jennie Lloyd

Vaccine Injury of J.W.

5/26/21 I received my first Pfizer shot on 3/13, immediately after I got the shot, face lips and chin and cheeks started tingling. The medics there said it was “normal” to have some tingling....

Vaccine Injury of C.T. – North Carolina

5/20/21 To whom this may concern, My name is C. I am patient number # in Moderna's covid-19 vaccine trial #. I received my first dose August 2020 and the second dose September 28th,...

Jennifer Vacca

Jerry Petuck

Joel Barthel

John Rukavena

Vaccine Injury of M.C. – Nebraska

8/2/21 Hi my name is Marilyn. I received the Moderno vaccine the first week of January 2021. I worked as a pharmacy technician in the local town pharmacy. I wanted to show others my support...

Vaccine Injury of A.F. – Florida

8/2/21 I’m a healthy male in my 40’s. I had the Pfizer vaccine back in April. Shortly after the vaccine, I kept noticing pain in random parts of my body and odd bruises were popping up on m...

Jullian Smyth

Kaleah Miller

Kathryn Mccampbell

Kathy Donovan

Ken Mathas

Kevin Dorosh

Vaccine Injury of M.B. – California

8/2/21 Instant dementia. My Mother who is 83 is recovering from a recent stroke, and has atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure which must be managed with Verapamil. She was recove...

Vaccine Injury of S.L. – California

8/2/21 Testimony from a healthy 47 year old female who has never had any adverse reaction towards any meds or vaccines before: 17 days after 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine, I had an excrucia...

Kevin Hunt