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Freddy Aucancela

Gale Fralin

Vaccine Injury of V.G.

5/21/21 I received both doses of in February. Onset of symptoms following Pfizer Covid vaccination. A couple of days after that I started feeling numbness and tingling on my hands (especial...

Vaccine Injury of E.V. – Arizona

5/20/21 On February 23rd, I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. About a day after, I started to develop some flu-like symptoms (body aches, low-grade fever, fatigue) which dimini...

Georgiana Sweetman

Gianna Tiliakos

Ginger Mitchell

Grace Morrison

Hannah Bakken

Henrietta Freeman

Vaccine Injury of E.R. – Connecticut

5/20/21 I’m a speech language pathologist in CT and have had a vaccine reaction for almost 5 months. I have no pre-existing conditions. I worked out several times a week and even ran 2 mile...

Vaccine Injury of N.S. – Minnesota

8/2/21 I am a healthy 75 yo woman who took the Moderna shots as advised in March 2021. Experienced severe three day reaction to second shot---heachache, nausea and lethargy. Within a few we...

Vaccine Injury of M.C. – Nebraska

8/2/21 Hi my name is Marilyn. I received the Moderno vaccine the first week of January 2021. I worked as a pharmacy technician in the local town pharmacy. I wanted to show others my support...

Vaccine Injury of D.J. – B.C.

8/2/21 Healthy, fit, 39 year old female; no medical issues. ​ 1st moderna shot; following day: Sore arm, tired.. nothing unusual 5 weeks 1 day later; lower left eyelid twitch began.. o...

Vaccine Injury of A.F. – Florida

8/2/21 I’m a healthy male in my 40’s. I had the Pfizer vaccine back in April. Shortly after the vaccine, I kept noticing pain in random parts of my body and odd bruises were popping up on m...

Vaccine Injury of M.B. – California

8/2/21 Instant dementia. My Mother who is 83 is recovering from a recent stroke, and has atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure which must be managed with Verapamil. She was recove...

Iris De Boer

Isaac Puckett

Jacqui Collins

Vaccine Injury of R.W. – Pennsylvania

8/2/21 I was pro vaccine and signed up willingly for the shot. However, after my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I developed neurological symptoms - tremors, widespread muscle twitches, ...