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Tagged with: Limb Weakness

Jamie Gessner

Jean Day

Vaccine Injury of V.G.

5/21/21 I received both doses of in February. Onset of symptoms following Pfizer Covid vaccination. A couple of days after that I started feeling numbness and tingling on my hands (especial...

Vaccine Injury of J.W.

5/26/21 I received my first Pfizer shot on 3/13, immediately after I got the shot, face lips and chin and cheeks started tingling. The medics there said it was “normal” to have some tingling....

Jeffrey Harrington

Jennifer Vacca

Jerry Vasquez Sr

Jill Haselman

Jim Tate

Joan Green

Vaccine Injury of D.J. – B.C.

8/2/21 Healthy, fit, 39 year old female; no medical issues. ​ 1st moderna shot; following day: Sore arm, tired.. nothing unusual 5 weeks 1 day later; lower left eyelid twitch began.. o...

Vaccine Injury of A.F. – Florida

8/2/21 I’m a healthy male in my 40’s. I had the Pfizer vaccine back in April. Shortly after the vaccine, I kept noticing pain in random parts of my body and odd bruises were popping up on m...

Vaccine Injury of B.M. – Missouri

7/30/21 Ever since I got my first Covid shot in May my right arm has constantly hurt in the area that they gave me about the shot and I don’t know when actually just gotten worse like I hav...

Vaccine Injury of P.L. – Illinois

8/11/21 Hello my name is Paolo and I’m a active 43 year old. I am not feeling right after my 2nd Pfizer vaccine. I am experiencing calve/hamstring and forearm tightness. Pain in my upper ba...

Joe T

John Smith

Judy Becker

Kaleah Miller

Vaccine Injury of K.M. – Ohio

8/11/21 WARNING LONG POST but wanted to share my MODERNA VACCINE EXPERIENCE .... I've been hesitant to tell many people about this as I typically try not to involve myself in controversial...

Vaccine Injury of G.N. – New York

8/11/21 I’m a 54 year old nurse who was hesitant to get the vaccine only because I had a string reaction to shingles vaccine not because I didn’t or don’t believe in the covid vaccine . I w...